About Us

Our little boutique is based in a very small town in the western Kentucky and is owned by a mother/daughter duo. We love our little town, the people in it, and being able to serve our community.

We are often asked how we came up with the name for our store. I am notoriously bad at coming up with original or clever names or titles for things. However, with this being a family store, all I could think about was how my sisters and I each married men with last names that started with the letter “B”. I mean, how likely is it for three sisters to marry and each end up with the same last initial? Not likely, I would imagine. So over the years it became a bit of a joke and when we started this business we felt like we needed to have something about that in our name.

Margaret Faughn is my mother and I have the privilege of getting to work with one of my best friends every day. I’m not sure if we have the typical mother/daughter relationship most people would think of but I love what we have. We often feel the need to explain that we aren’t actually arguing because one of my joys in life is aggravating her and her responses. It’s all in good jest though. She is the mother of four children, my two sisters and our brother(the golden child) and we are “that” family that actually enjoys hanging out together as friends not just because we are family.

I am Jenny Bizzle, her youngest daughter. I have a little family of my own that I love to spend my time with when I’m not working. We started this business when my youngest son was only about a year old and he is now six. It’s been quite the journey learning as we go. This venture was originally a children’s only boutique and has grown and changed over the years and is now a women’s clothing and accessories boutique with only a few items for children.

We each have our roles of what we are better at in this little business of ours. For instance, if you see our posts on Facebook or Instagram or message us on either, it is probably the work of my mother. Whereas, the website, emails, and text messages are usually sent and responded to by me. While we sometimes trade tasks depending on the others workload, we can guarantee you that this is a small business and we work hard to make sure you receive the very best customer service.