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Site Feedback

Ok, so you may or may not know this but I, Jen, am one of the owners of B Three Boutique. I originally started to work on our little website when our store opened and it has changed as much as our physical store over the years.

About a year ago, I decided to go back to college for a second degree (I know I’m crazy). When I went back to school though, I definitely let the website slide. So, I have finally got it back up and running and am starting to add products more regularly.

Before I went nuts and spent even more time adding all the things in the store I thought I would get some advice from the people who matter. You, our customers, your opinions on our website matter to us and I am asking for them now. What tips or advice might you have to make you more likely to use our website?

We are giving 20% OFF for those of you that are willing to take time out of your day and help us out.

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Please remember though that I am an actual person with actual feelings and while I AM looking for your opinion, try to be tactful.  🙂

Once we have received your message with your feedback, we will send you the code for the 20% off to be used in store or online. You can also shop online and use free local pickup!